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Starting My Business as a Working Mom

Starting my business as a working mom

How I started my Business as a working mom. You can do it too!

Are you tired? Are you depleted financially and mentally? Do you feel stuck in your current situation or do you feel unfulfilled as a Stay at Home Mom? Do you feel guilty that you’re not spending enough time with your kids in their growing years?

I was simply in your shoes 6 months ago…

My Story

Hi all, I am Samantha – mummy to my 1-year-old Nathan. I’m also working full-time as a Broking Associate for an MNC.

As a full-time working mom, I struggle bringing my boy from home to the infantcare every morning before reporting to the office to work. The MRT is always packed and I would spend over 4 hours a day commuting to & from my home to the workplace as I live in Sembawang.  I would be exhausted by the end of the day as I had to busy myself with fetching Nathan and doing household chores after dismissed from work.

At the same time, my salary has hit the glass ceiling for my position and hence I was struggling to make ends meet especially with the rising costs of living due to the arrival of my baby.

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Battling with HFMD

Nathan can sleep well after applying Lavender

5 months ago, baby Nathan was diagnosed with HFMD after 2 weeks in his new infant care. He was only 7 months old then.

The doctor advised that there was no suitable medicine for HFMD – the only way out was to feed him with water & herbal tea. It was a heartbreaking moment for my family as I saw Nathan’s frail body struggling to battle the illness. He was in a lot of pain and discomfort and was getting really fuzzy.

After a good friend of mine learned about this, she immediately loaned me some of her therapeutic essential oils together with her brand new diffuser. I applied the oils constantly on Nathan and fed him with plenty of water – his fever subsided and I could finally see his charming smile after a week.After seeing that the essential oils work on Nathan, I decided to join as a member so as to get my essential oils at discounted rates. I remembered telling my friend firmly that I’m joining as a consumer to solely use the products without any commitment to sell the products.

At that time, Young Living products are not considered cheap for my family – but I deem it as a necessary investment to keep my family healthy and happy.

Worried about finances…

I realized that there is no job stability for me although I’ve slogged my life for this company for over 5 years of my life! I was living in fear daily as I do not want to lose my source of income to support the family. Also, my workload doubled and tripled as more colleagues got retrenched and I had to return to the office to work during weekends as I had to fetch Nathan from infant care during weekdays. I ran out of leaves earlier because I had to take time off to care for Nathan as he is prone to virus infection when left in the infant care with other kids.

Life was beyond miserable and I felt drained, frustrated and helpless till I confided in that good friend of mine who introduced me to essential oils. By then, she had already quit her full-time job to pursue Young Living as a business because she saw the opportunity and cause behind it.

She shared with me how I can build an extra stream of income by just sharing Young Living with the people around me since I’m benefitting from the essential oils.

Sharing the love…

I began experimenting other Young Living products including the household cleaning products and also their supplements as I started to replace my chemical laden ones with the toxic-free ones from Young Living. I realized that the products work better than the conventional ones and they really support my family’s wellness.

The products work so well for my family that I simply cannot keep my mouth shut and start sharing with my colleagues whenever I see them feeling unwell or struggling with sick kiddos. I would loan them my oils and even offer them my NingXia Red sachets to try and I’ve received so many positive feedback from them that boosted my confidence in the products.

I have introduced Ningxia Red (an Antioxidant Health Drink) to a colleague who had experienced menopause for over 6 months and wanted to try something natural to support her health and provide her with an energy boost as she feels lethargic all day. After taking Ningxia Red for over a month, she texted me that she got her menses back and was overjoyed!

As I became more open with my sharing on social media and in my workplace, more people get to experience the benefits of Young Living’s products and my Young Living paycheck grew as an unexpected bonus. Hence I saw the potential in this business and decided to treat this as a business rather than a source of side income.

Working with the Right Team

To me, being on the right team is very important because I know that I would have given up easily if I were to work on my own.

I attribute my personal growth to the Aldora Essentials team for the below reasons:

  • They are nowhere pushy or salesy – the team members are passionate about educating and sharing their knowledge with everyone. In fact, I got to know about Young Living Essential Oils because a member loaned me her oils to try on my boy without expecting me to purchase a starter kit from her.
  • I am not alone – my leader in Aldora Essentials provide me with all the resources (guidebooks, lesson notes, powerpoint slides, graphics etc) that help me to share the products in an effortless manner.
  • Continuous Education – our parent team AromaMayMay has a private Facebook Group for their builders to learn and share their experiences. We have experienced leaders who will share their expertise with us and motivate us via Facebook Live sessions.
  • No sales target – Aldora Essentials is all about loving, caring and supporting. Sharing about the products come naturally as the members benefit from them. None of my leaders ever push me for sales targets. They just let me grow and expand my passion in this wellness journey at my own comfortable pace.
  • Helping others – I enjoy helping others benefit from the products and also helping my team to achieve financial freedom in this journey.

More than just Babies & Kids

Young Living is a popular brand among moms with little ones because a lot of moms are looking to move towards more natural products… Their therapeutic essential oils are safe for babies and can be used for many different issues and common ailments.

There was once when I visited my Aunt in the hospital after surgery – she suffered from serious water retention on her hands and I only had Lavender Essential Oil with me at that time. So I instinctively massage Lavender directly onto her hands hoping to ease her pain. To my surprise, the swelling on her hands subsided within the next 15 minutes – Lavender is not only great for relaxation, it is good to reduce water retention too!

I started to build my faith in Young Living’s products and felt that I can help more people to stay more healthy and happy like myself by introducing them the products.

The additional perks of promoting Young Living are:

  • It is a trusted brand – with over 25 years of track record
  • There is no need to keep an inventory (meaning no logistics involved!)
  • Low Capital (because you don’t need to buy stocks to keep)
  • Willable income – my business doesn’t end with my passing. I can pass this down to my children and they can continue to receive passive income after i’m gone.
  • A wonderful team to support and guide you whenever you feel lost and want to give up (talk about mentorship!)

The REAL Truth about Network Marketing

We all have the natural tendency to share with our loved ones. We tend to recommend nice dining places, holiday destinations, hotels, services and also products to our friends and family if we know they are good.

Studies have shown that the most effective form of marketing is via the word of mouth as people don’t find commercial advertisements to be a credible source of information. Instead, they tend to ask around for people’s opinions and read reviews before they make a buying decision.

This is what MLM is all about – it is actually not as negative as we perceive it to be.

We will naturally recommend good things to our loved ones even without getting paid. So the deal gets sweeter when we get rewarded for introducing products to our loved ones 

What I have Achieved so far

To-date, I’ve been in this business for around half year and I’m working with a supportive team despite me juggling my time with work and baby. My sales volume is growing consistently with the Aromamaymay team system, and now I can foresee that I will be able to quit my full-time job one more year to stay at home full time with Nathan!

And I’ve built strong friendships with my team and members on this journey which comes as an added bonus!

Are you willing to do what it takes for your children?

Baby Nathan, mummy is working very hard so as to give you the best. Be patient, mummy will definitely have more time for u soon

The most common stumbling blocks are:

  • I don’t think I want to do MLM – as mentioned earlier, this is a misconception because it is natural for people to recommend stuff that works for them because it is too selfish not to share with others
  • I don’t want to sell stuff – I have never sold anything throughout my journey with Young Living. Premium Kit sales came as a result of my sharing with others.
  • I have no time – I’m a working Mom with limited time. With proper time management, this will be feasible. After all, do you want to work on a building a source of passive income now so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labour later or be in your comfort zone now and not expect anything to change for you?
  • I can’t afford it – I was struggling to make ends meet when I first got my Premium Starter Kit comprising of 11 bottles of oils and a diffuser. I find it important to invest in my family’s health because health is wealth and I would do all it takes to nurse Nathan back to health and boost his immunity after his HFMD episode.

You will be pleasantly surprised to see what this business can do for you – learning how to better care for your family’s health, having fun whilst striving hard towards building a business that can be passed down to your kids when they grow up.

“It’s impossible,” said pride.

“It’s risky,” said experience.

“It’s pointless,” said reason.

“Give it a try,” whispered the heart.

If you’re curious and want to know more about this business, please feel free to reach out to me on my Facebook profile: or reach out to your leader if you’re already a Young Living member.

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