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Natural Skincare Routine + Facial Guasha

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My Natural Skincare Routine

Many of our members are curious about my natural skincare routine and how do I care for my skin naturally with my DIY Skincare products as well as facial guasha techniques.

So here’s a video of my updated skincare routine (I have sensitive combination skin that’s acne-prone) and some DIY Natural Skincare Recipes that you can try out at home with your essential oils!

Updated Natural Skincare Routine

+ Daily, twice a day: Cleanse face with Young Living’s Orange Blossoms Face Wash

+ Once a week: Exfoliate with Young Living’s Satin Facial Scrub Mint

+ After cleansing: Tone face with DIY Refreshing Face Mist

+ After toning: Apply 3-4 drops of DIY Unicorn Tears Face Serum followed by facial guasha

+ Occasionally: Moisturize skin with Young Living’s Boswellia Wrinkle Cream or ART Sheerlumé Brightening Cream

Click here to get your essential oils if you haven’t already!

Benefits of Bian Stone (砭石) for Facial Guasha

+ It has a microcrystalline structure of density less than 0.03mm which is very silky smooth to the skin unlike other materials like jade or horn. So there is no need to apply oil before rubbing or massaging on the skin unless during very cold winter when the skin is extremely dry.

+ Has better healing effect than ordinary guasha tools made from jade or other stone materials due to the many functions that it has like long infra-red, high ultrasonic waves, rare elements, etc

+ A very good alternative to acupuncture as it has also been known as an invisible needle (stone needle)

+ Benefits both the person who receives the massage as well as the person who administer the massage as it reduces the discomfort. Also, both parties can benefit from touching the bianstone as it produces infrared as well as ultrasonic waves and other unknown energy fields


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