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Thank you for your interest to collaborate with Aldora Essentials. Currently, Aldora Essentials is open to collaborating with organizations to host private events to educate the public on living a toxin-free lifestyle.


Essential Oils Experiential Sessions



Aldora Essentials specializes in conducting Essential Oils Experiential Sessions to introduce the Toxin-Free Lifestyle to the public. Click HERE to join our next Experiential Session available!


Make & Take Hands-On Sessions


Make & Take Hands-On Session


Get your hands busy with our Make & Take Hands-On Sessions where you get to experiment making your own self-care items using therapeutic essential oils! If you’re an individual, you may click HERE to join our next Make & Take Hands-On Session!


Note: We will charge a nominal fee to cover for the cost of our materials.


Beauty & Skincare


  • Floral Dreams Foaming Face Cleanser
  • Hydrating Face Mist
  • Rejuvenating Face Serum
  • Roller Perfume


DIY Products for Mama & Kiddos:


  • Custom Wellness Rollers
  • Mama Sanitizing Sprays


Corporate Collaborations


Corporate Collaborations: Events | Activities | Speaking Engagements


To date, Aldora Essentials has collaborated with schools and corporations on their various activities such as Corporate Wellness Talks, Pantry Sales, Roadshows and more.


Private Events


Private Events: Weddings | Parties | Functions


Have your distinguished guests immersed in the world of therapeutic essential oils by engaging us to entertain them for your private functions! Not only they get to better care for their wellness naturally, but they also get to take home with them a memento infused with therapeutic essential oils as well – it’s definitely a one of a kind experience!


Pre-Event Activities


Pre-Event Entertainment Activities


Wanna be nominated for the best host of the year by keeping guests entertained when they arrive earlier than expected? Then you may opt for us to set up an essential oils make & take station at the cocktail reception to help keep your guests occupied whilst waiting for your event to commence!


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Organizations We Have Collaborated With

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