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Premium Starter Kit Unboxing

Premium Starter Kit Unboxing

What’s in the Premium Starter Kit?

Some of our newly joined members are still confused over what is in their Young Living Premium Starter Kit (Essential Oils).

Hence, we decided to dedicate a post to elaborate what’s in the Singapore Premium Starter Kit 😉

Premium Starter Kit (SG)

A diffuser of your choice:

Dewdrop, Desert Mist, Ceramic, Rainstone* / Aria*

*Premium diffusers that need topping up 

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11 different 5ml Essential Oils: 

YL, Young Living, Premium Starter Kit Oils, Essential Oils

  • Peppermint: Refreshing & minty – normally we inhale and apply this to our necks & shoulders for a regular ‘perk me up’
  • Lemon: Uplifting & degreasing – a great boost of cleaning power & a great skincare boost for skin brightening
  • Lavender: Relaxing – diffuse this right before bedtime for a restful sleep
  • Frankincense: King of Oils – invigorating an grounding
  • Copaiba: Great skincare oil & we combine Copaiba with other oils to magnify the properties of other oils
  • Thieves: Roll it to the soles of feet to support general wellness or add some to detergents for a boost of cleaning power
  • R.C.: Refreshing aroma that helps soothe blocked nose
  • Purification: Deodorizes – diffuse this to remove unwanted odour in the house or drip this into the laundry to freshen up the clothes
  • Digize: Helps support healthy digestion & soothe stomach discomfort
  • PanAway: Literally stands for “pain away” – apply this to sore & achy muscles to soothe them after a workout
  • Stress Away: Helps relief stress & anxiety; can be diffused with Lavender before bedtime for a restful sleep

Misc. Accessories: Product Guide; Love It, Share It Cards; 10 x Travel Bottles; AromaGlide Roller Fitment; 2 x 6Oz Ningxia Red Sachets; Sample Essential Oil Sachets

Purchase Your Premium Starter Kit Now!

If you have not purchased the Premium Starter Kit, you may click here to do so now 🙂

We look forward to having you onboard this exciting journey of whole-life wellness!

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